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KW Profile: Clubsport- Performance for race & road

Here at KW we know how much fun track days are, but not everyone wants (or has the budget) to trailor a car there and back, and some just like a fast street-handling car too! The KW Clubsport therefore was developed for customers in need of a better-handling car for track days but at the... Continue »

KW hydraulic 7-post rig

So what makes KW better than it's competition? Well aside from numerous proven wins at the world's toughest races, our 7-post rig gives us somewhat of an edge... This high-tech test system is used by Formula 1 teams for their research and development to achieve suspension setups at the highest level of motorsport, and naturally... Continue »

KW Tech: What shock absorbers are for

Ever wondered just what shock absorbers do? The hint's in the name! Shock absorbers slow down the vibrations generated by wheels, axles and the chassis. Therefore, the technically correct name is vibration damper. When driving over an uneven surface, the shock absorbers take up the impact of the shock. The damper then tries to transfer... Continue »

KW Quad Coilovers- More performance and more safety

In the past few years KW has seen a huge market explode for ATV (all terrain vehicles) such as quad bikes - hardly surprising if you've ever rode one - ridiculous amounts of fun to be had! However, the biggest danger of a quad on the road is the high center of gravity in combination... Continue »

GALLERY: Team Milltek GT-R @ Hockenheimring

While the rest of the UK was busy enjoying the sunny weather, it was a hectic weekend for the Team Milltek GT-R guys who were busy tackling the Hockenheimring at the annual Sport Auto Grand Prix. If you’ve never heard of the SAGP, it’s a weekend event which pits the… Continue »
By admin | 29 May 2012 | media | | 65 Comments   

KW DDC reviewed by Fast Car magazine!

Released earlier in the year, our DDC (dynamic damping control) coilover kit revolutionised adjustable damping in the suspension world, and it’s good to see magazines and the media getting just as excited as we are! KW invited Fast Car magazine along to our UK headquarters to not only find out… Continue »
By admin | 23 May 2012 | media | | 99 Comments   

VIDEO: Swiss hillclimb goodness

Who says the Swiss don’t like fast cars? Granted Oberhallau in Switzerland is just across the German border, but this is easily one of the most eclectic mix of Hillclimb cars we’ve ever seen! Whether it’s the N/A roar of a 20v AE86 or the turbocharged thud of a Porsche… Continue »
By admin | 22 May 2012 | media | | 52 Comments   

Takahiro Ueno’s 2JZ-powered 335i

A little while back we showed you a video of this crazy machine in action, so today we thought we’d take a bit of a closer look at what is easily one of the maddest BMW’s in the world! Let’s start with the obvious, the engine. Gone is the standard… Continue »
By admin | 21 May 2012 | media | | 60 Comments   

VIDEO: The Hidden Workshops of Porsche Classic

If you’re a Porsche fan like us, this video is guaranteed to make you weak at the knees! Located in Stuttgart Germany, Porsche Classic is a workshop dedicated to keeping rare and exotic Porsches working and on the road in their original form. Part of Porsche AG, Porsche Classic uses… Continue »
By admin | 18 May 2012 | media | | 53 Comments   

Speedhunters feature: Talbot Sunbeam @ KW Berg Cup

One of the main reasons we LOVE the annual Berg Cup is the diversity of cars you get competing. Sure there’s a huge array of German machines such as VW Golfs and BMW M3s, but there’s equally as many rare and interesting competitors like this awesome Talbot Sunbeam pictured below…. Continue »
By admin | 17 May 2012 | media | | 47 Comments   
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