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KW Profile: Clubsport- Performance for race & road

Here at KW we know how much fun track days are, but not everyone wants (or has the budget) to trailor a car there and back, and some just like a fast street-handling car too! The KW Clubsport therefore was developed for customers in need of a better-handling car for track days but at the... Continue »

KW hydraulic 7-post rig

So what makes KW better than it's competition? Well aside from numerous proven wins at the world's toughest races, our 7-post rig gives us somewhat of an edge... This high-tech test system is used by Formula 1 teams for their research and development to achieve suspension setups at the highest level of motorsport, and naturally... Continue »

KW Tech: What shock absorbers are for

Ever wondered just what shock absorbers do? The hint's in the name! Shock absorbers slow down the vibrations generated by wheels, axles and the chassis. Therefore, the technically correct name is vibration damper. When driving over an uneven surface, the shock absorbers take up the impact of the shock. The damper then tries to transfer... Continue »

KW Quad Coilovers- More performance and more safety

In the past few years KW has seen a huge market explode for ATV (all terrain vehicles) such as quad bikes - hardly surprising if you've ever rode one - ridiculous amounts of fun to be had! However, the biggest danger of a quad on the road is the high center of gravity in combination... Continue »

REPORT: Mini Challenge @ Brands Hatch Indy

If Lee Allen’s win in race one was hard fought, his second triumph at Brands was a stunner as he beat Chris Smiley by the width a headlight after a second nail-biting outing. Once again, Allen’s tactical setup of playing the long game with his tyres paid off, but again… Continue »
By admin | 11 July 2013 | media,news | |    

Ask The Experts: KW on

Your car’s suspension is one of the most-important aspects when setting it up for either motorsport or fast road use. KW is one of the few manufacturers to offer fine-tuning of our coilovers including rebound and damping adjustment, but just how exactly do these effect your car’s handling and what… Continue »
By admin | 20 June 2013 | media,products | |    

Random snap: Audi S5 fitted with KW DDC ECU

How good does this look? The Bossdog Audi S5 now runs our DDC ECU coilover system offering a superior ride quality with iPhone-adjustable damping! Luca Cabano has done a great job with the vinyl wrap to completely transform the looks of the big Audi. We’ll bring you a full gallery… Continue »
By admin | 17 June 2013 | media,products | |    

WALLPAPER: KW Range Rover Evoque

Here at KW we’re proud to cater for just about all car makes and models. One of the latest additions to the KW fleet is the Range Rover Evoque, a super-stylish 4×4 absolutely loaded with technology. Over the past 12 months KW has developed a range of suspension upgrades including… Continue »
By admin | 14 June 2013 | demo cars,media | |    

Fine-tuning the Porsche 996 Turbo @ KW Germany

Here at KW we take a massive amount of pride in producing and developing the absolute best suspension money can buy. From road-going coilover kits to race dampers and springs, the same meticulous attention to detail and quality is applied to all KW products. You don’t work at somewhere like… Continue »
By admin | 03 June 2013 | demo cars | |    

Random snap: What’s in the KW workshop this week?

As well as stocking a huge range of coilover and suspension products, KW UK also has a state-of-the-art workshop perfect for fitting, building and developing new suspension for just about any car! In the workshop this week is a special little car which is already being praised for its superb… Continue »
By admin | 03 June 2013 | news,products | |    
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