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VIDEO: Team Japspeed 1JZ Subaru Testing at Anglesey Circuit

Posted 21 April 2014 | media   

KW Automotive is proud to be involved in a wide range of motorsports, from 24-hour Endurance racing right through to Hillclimb and the World Touring Car Championship. One of the most-exciting motorsports in recent years is the world of drifting – pushing your rear-wheel-drive car to the absolute limit and controlling each slide seamlessly. It looks quite easy… in reality it takes precision driving and, surprisingly, a huge amount of grip!

Team Japspeed 1JZ Subaru Testing 2014 at Anglesey Circuit from Team Japspeed on Vimeo.

One of the UK’s most prominent teams is Japspeed, running a range of high-performance competition cars including the Toyota-powered Subaru Impreza pictured below. For 2014, Paul and the Japspeed team have invested in our Competition 2-Way dampers not just for the Subaru Impreza, but ALL the competing cars. As you can see from the following video, the result is simply spectacular!


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