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demo cars

WALLPAPER: ST suspensions made by KW Ford Fiesta ST

The new Ford Fiesta ST is one of the best hot-hatchbacks available right now, packing 187bhp from a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine. It’s fantastic handling has made it a huge hit with motoring journalists worldwide, and as you’d expect with such a potent car there’s still plenty of performance to be… Continue »
By admin | 11 February 2014 | demo cars | |    

RANDOM SNAP: KW HLS system for Mercedes SLS AMG

It’s safe to say the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is one of the most brutal supercars available packing a monster V8 up front, rear-wheel-drive and those beautiful Gullwing doors! But even in standard trim the SLS sits super-low to the ground, making driving in urban areas a real pain – let… Continue »
By admin | 09 February 2014 | demo cars,news | |    

KW DDC ECU-equipped VW Golf Mk6 GTI

If you’re a regular reader of the KW blog our DDC ECU coilover system should need no introduction. This revolutionary product allows electronically-adjustable damping at the press of a button, and when combined with our WiFi module damping adjustability using your iPad or iPhone! How cool is that? As you’d… Continue »
By admin | 10 October 2013 | demo cars | |    

REPORT: KW Automotive @ Trax Show 2013

When it comes to performance car shows there’s one event you simply cannot miss – Trax 2013. Taking over Silverstone circuit every September, Trax brings together car fans from across the UK including classic Fords and retro Vauxhalls right through to the latest turbocharged Japanese monsters. Naturally it made sense… Continue »
By admin | 23 September 2013 | demo cars,news | | drive the KW Fiesta ST @ Trax 2013

Earlier in the month we invited Suzy Wallace from along to Trax in order to experience the KW Fiesta and Focus ST – not from the passenger seat, but behind the wheel! With KW Germany’s Michael Grassl on standby (who just so happens to be a VLN driver…) Suzy… Continue »
By admin | 16 September 2013 | demo cars,media | |    

Clubsport-developed coilovers for KW’s Fiesta ST!

A car is only as fast as the power it can put to the ground – something often overlooked when chasing horsepower figures because let’s be honest, that’s how most people evaluate a car’s performance. Here at KW handling is our number 1 priority, and with our Fiesta ST being… Continue »
By admin | 06 September 2013 | demo cars,products | |    
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